Greyhound racing is a cruel and needless practice. Profit and entertainment are the only purposes. And it is at a heavy price for the animals involved.

Tens of thousands of Greyhounds are bred every year by the racing industry, far more than can be used for racing. A Greyhoundís racing career typically lasts 3.5 to 4 years. During this time, they typically live in cages, pens or other enclosures. Living conditions are often not climate controlled. Some live in cages as small as 3 feet by 3 feet for as long as 22 hours a day. They usually have very limited human contact. During their racing career, they are often forced to race in extreme weather. Their diets often consist of raw meat.

The greyhounds themselves are not the only animals abused by the racing industry. Up to 100,000 domestic rabbits and wild rabbits have been killed every year. One example is an event known as coursing which involves the dogs chasing and eventually killing rabbits within a fenced enclosure. The use of live lures is not permitted in 14 states, but the laws are difficult to enforce.

Some greyhounds are adopted into good homes when their racing careers end, but thousands are not. An estimated 20,000-25,000 greyhounds are destroyed each year because the racing industry no longer wants them. Of these, the more fortunate ones are euthanized humanely, If you can consider euthanasia because an animal is no longer profitable humane.

The less fortunate ones are sometimes disposed of by horrific methods. There have been cases of starvation, electrocution, bludgeoning, and shooting. Others are dropped off at research labs.

Greyhound racing in the US is legal in Alabama, Iowa, South Dakota , Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Oregon, Florida and Rhode Island.

Most lawmakers are unaware of the inhumane treatment involved in greyhound racing. Many perceive greyhound racing as a way to raise needed revenue. State revenue generated by dog tracks typically amounts to less than 1% of a stateís annual income.

How to Help
DONíT patronize or support dog racing tracks
Educate others on the abuses of dog racing.
Foster or adopt a rescued greyhound.
Support greyhound Rescues by donating money or supplies needed to care for them until they go to their forever home.
Contact governors and tourism offices in states where racing is legal. If you are a resident, let state officials know you are against dog racing. Let them know of the cruelty involved in the racing industry and let them know you are against it.
If you are out of state, let them know that you are a prospective tourist, and you intend to boycott states where greyhound racing is legal.
Please help stop the suffering of these companion animals. Greyhounds are dogs, and they need love and care just as much as your own pet does. These are lives intentionally created for profit, filled with abuse and neglect, and then ended in a cruel and heartless manner. Please do what you can to put an end to greyhound racing.

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