Trees are beneficial to the environment in a variety of ways. The most obvious of course would be that they provide oxygen for us to breathe. But there are other benefits as well.

Soil conservation:
Soil erosion is a serious problem. Soil erosion reduces levels of nutrients needed for crops and other plants, and decreases the diversity and abundance of soil organisms Trees help prevent soil erosion in 2 ways. Tree roots hold soil in place, and tree branches help lessen the impact of rain on the soil. Fallen leaves improve soil quality. Forests act as reservoirs, providing natural flood control.

Energy Conservation:
Trees are energy savers. Planting trees around homes and buildings reduces the need for air conditioning. Energy conservation helps reduce global warming. By saving energy, they also save money. Just 3 trees planted around your home can cut your air conditioning bill in half. Trees planted around public buildings also help save tax dollars.

Trees help control air and water pollution. Excess man made carbon dioxide contributes to global warming. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide, they store carbon as they grow. 30 trees can absorb the amount of carbon dioxide generated by the average person. They also absorb other pollutants, such as excess fertilizers and pesticides produced by farms.

Wildlife Conservation:
Trees Provide natural habitat for Wildlife. Trees are the natural habitat of birds, squirrels and other animals. They also provide habitat for many endangered species.

What you can do:
Plant a tree:
Plant a tree if you can. It may not seem like you are making a big difference, but you are. Knowing the positive impact trees have on our environment, think what we could accomplish if each person planted just one tree. If you live in a situation where you are unable to plant a tree, sponsor one. There are organizations that will plant a tree for you for a small fee. Please click Here for more information.
Support conservation of forests. Contact legislators and let them know you support conservation of national forests.
Recycle paper products. Paper products are made from wood. Recycling paper helps reduce the need to cut down trees. You can also help by using products made of recycled paper.

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