This page is more or less intended to give a general idea of what paganism is for those totally unfamiliar with it.

Paganism is the practice of a polytheistic earth based religion. Polytheistic refers to more than one deity. Pagans sometimes worship one deity to the exclusion of all others, but still acknowledge the existence of the others. Paganism has nothing to do with Satanism or Christianity. Pagans do not believe in the concepts of either religion.

There are many different types of paganism. The most common path seems to be Wicca, but this is by no means the only one. . Some pagans follow a specific path or tradition, such as druidism or Wicca. Others are eclectic and draw their practices from many belief systems. Some are solitary and some practice with a coven or circle. Depending on the path or tradition, they may believe in nature spirits, totems, elementals, angels etc.

Most pagan religions teach a respect for the earth. They teach that everything has a spirit, plant, animal or human. Paganism has nothing to do with sacrifices, negative spells, curses, hexes, etc. Those are just myths and misconceptions. If a person were to do that, they would have to be a mentally ill individual, and they would be that way regardless of what religion they were. Statistically, pagans are not any more likely to commit crimes, etc. than any other religious structure.

Many pagans practice what is known as magick. It does not consist of B-rated horror movies type spells, but rather, they are the direction of natural energies towards positive means. Not all pagans use spells.

Most pagans do not believe in imposing on the free will of another person. Most pagans believe in the rede, the threefold law, karma or something similar. In other words, what comes around, goes around.

Pagans generally do not prostelyze or attempt to convert. I personally believe that if a person was meant to be pagan, they will find their path one way or another. In addition, I do not believe that there are any set rules or any one right way. Any positive path is valid and every person has a right to divinity. No particular path or tradition has exclusive rights to the creative and divine forces of the universe. It makes sense, considering that there are many types of people in the world, that many paths would also be necessary. I think it is important for each person to find their own unique path. there is much to be learned from others, but ultimately, only you can decide what you believe