A spell is the utilization of natural energies to fulfill a specific need. Energy from herbs, the elements, and symbols of the elements, stones, deity, or what we indentify with as deity, and our own energy are combined and directed towards a specific purpose, or to fill a specific need. It can be a small need or a large one. Some spells are elaborate, require alot of supplies, and time consuming and some are so simple they take as little as a minute.

It is not a quick fix or cure all, but more of a way to create opportunity. Spells do not work totally by themselves. You must take action to support them. For example, if you were to do a prosperity spell and then turn down every job offer that comes your way, you would be working against yourself, and essentially, canceling out any magickal action you took. Another misconception people have about spells is that you can get super rich, powerful, whatever. the fact is, if there is not a need for the spell in the first place, it probably won't manifest. Spells should never be used to harm another person, or control then against their will. In my opinion, the effects of any spell done will be revisited on the person that cast the spell times three. This includes controlling other people by using love spells. Or getting something by taking it from someone else.

You should think very carefully about the possible effects of any spell before you do it. Look at it carefully from all angles. If an innocent person could potentially be harmed in any manner, then you should rethink your plans. Be creative. If you are not willing to take the time to think things through, then you should not do it. Not only are spells not a quick fix, they are also alot of work. Not always in the performance, but in thinking and preparation. Most of the time, you will spend much more time planning and preparing for a spell than you will actually performing the spell.. Please, think it through before you do it. Make sure you have looked at every possible outcome. Even a simple spell that takes only a minute could seriously alter situations in a way you might not like. Spells can have a “domino effect”. You might get what you want, and change other things that you didn’t want changed in the process. . You could also mess up someone else’s life and this will come back on you. If you think this is too much work, then perhaps you don’t really need to do the spell as badly as you think.

Also, bear in mind that spells are not only physical actions. You could go through the physical acts of performing a spell, follow them to a T, and accomplish absolutely nothing if you are lacking in emotion, need, visualization, concentration or desire. I know it may seem strange to say one could be lacking in desire if they are performing a spell for a certain purpose, but I think that sometimes we think we want things even when we know they are not for the best.

A Basic Ritual Example

Circle Cast , quarters called
deity called and invoked
statement of the purpose of the rituals, it can be done out loud, or just by visualizations. the actual working: It can be spell or esbat or sabbat ritual, or a ritual to honor a specific deity.
energy is raised by dancing, chanting , drumming, etc. this is sometimes done before the working
conclusion of the working, the energy is then bound into the spell
Energy is released for manifestation
Divinity and other powers are thanked and dismissed
Quarters are thanked and dismissed
Circle is taken down to release the traces of remaining energy
Grounding to release excess energy

All spells do not follow this formula. There are simple spells that consist of a single action. And not everything has to be done precisely this way, this is just a basic example.