Elemental offerings can be useful for establishing friendly connections with the elementals. These can be done every full moon, every new moon, and on sabbats.
Offerings can also be made to a single elemental when extra help is needed from that particular elemental. Always be polite and respectful in your communications with the elementals.
These, of course are just examples. There are many possible variations to this.
These are two separate elemental offerings, one for inside, one for outside.

For Outside work

You will need: a flower, preferably one that relates to the element of air, an incense burner or a tiny amount of wood for a small fire(do this only if you are working in the dirt, and keep a small quantity of water nearby in case the fire should get out of control.) A herb or some incense that relates to the element of fire, a small bowl of water, a small quantity of wine or fruit juice, some bread or salt.
Use a compass to establish the proper directions. Draw a circle on the ground. Place the incense burner or wood for the fire in the south quarter, and the bowl of water in the west quarter.
Go to the east quarter, taking the flower with you. say something to the effect of I call upon the elementals of air. Paralda, your offering. Scatter the flowers petals in the east quarter.
Go to the South quarter. Light the fire or incense burner. Say I call about the elementals of fire. Dijin(pronounced Dee-yin) Your offering. Put the fire incense or herb in the fire or incense burner.
Go to the west quarter, taking with you the wine or fruit juice. Say I call the elementals of water. Niksa, your offering. Pour the wine or juice into the bowl of water.
Go to the north quarter. Say I call upon the elementals of earth, Ghob, your offering. Dig a small hole in the ground and bury the bread and or/salt.
Dismiss each quarter beginning in the east and ending in the north. open the circle. It is better to let the fire or incense burn out, stay where you can see it. Also leave the bowl of water out overnight. The next morning pour the water on the ground
If you are working inside, you can modify the rituals using the appropriate colored candles. Place the offerings beside the candles in each quarter. Naturally, you would use the incense burner and not a fire for the fire elemental offering if you are working inside.


For the inside offering, use ginger in place of the other offering. lay a small amount of ginger beside the candle in each quarter.