We will be having 2 Halloween contests in October.
Halloween pet contest: A contest for pets in costume. It can be a real costume, or the pet can be dressed using a graphics program. To enter, please send a picture and the pet's name to cosetteslair@yahoo.com

Halloween Card Contest: A contest for pet Halloween cards. the graphic can be no larger than 75 KB. Do not send a graphic copyrighted to another person. To enter the contest, send your graphic along with your name and website address to cosetteslair@yahoo.com
All entries must be recieved by October 19, 2001.
Graphic awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. These will be based on votes. As usual, you may vote once per email address. In addition, awards will be given for several different categories. These awards will not be based on votes
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