Lunar energy is usually considered feminine and is generally associated with the goddess. It is most often the basis for timing in magick. Many things in our environment are affected by the moon's phases, the tides for example, so it makes sense that magickal practices are affected by it also. It is best to work with the moon's energies in ritual, rather than against it.

Lunar Phases
Waxing moon (new moon to full moon) is for increasing.
Waning moon(after full moon until the new moon) is for decreasing, The New moon can be used for protection, new beginnings, etc.
The Full Moon is basically all purpose. It is the strongest time for any working, especially, those that involve protection, divination, and psychic work.


Many pagans celebrate each new and full moon. This is called an esbat.

Moon in Sign
What this means:
The Moon in sign: The moon moves through signs just as the sun does. It reflects the energies of the sign it is in. Planning a working when the moon is in the correct sign increases the effects of the working
Check a magickal almanac or an astrological calendar to find out what sign the moon is in at any given time.
Correspondences for the moon in sign:
Moon in Aries: beginnings, energy, protection
Moon in Taurus: money, stability, patience, beauty
Moon in Gemini: Divination, communication
Moon in Cancer: family
Moon in Leo: pets,generosity, success
Moon in Libra: relationships, balance, peace, artistic skills, social life
Moon In Scorpio: protection, secrets, intellect
Moon In Sagittarius: Divination, Travel, freedom, independence
Moon In Capricorn: career, finances
Moon in Aquarius: friendships
Moon in Pisces: Divination, karma, intuition

Some Herbs Associated with the moon:
Lily of The Valley

Some Deities Associated with the moon:
The Morrigu

Traditional Names for the moon
January: Wolf Moon
February: Ice moon
March: Storm moon
April: Seed moon
May: Hare moon
June: Mead moon
July: Hay moon
August: Wort moon
September: Harvest moon
October: Blood moon *
November: Snow moon
December: Oak Moon


*This is referred to as blood moon traditionally, not because sacrifices or anything malignant is performed, but because historically this is when many people used to kill of all but the best and strongest of the herds due to lack of resources to feed them in the approaching winter season.