Negative energy can be disastrous to a personís life. It can cause general bad luck, health problems, etc. Often when a person thinks that they are cursed or hexed, the real problem is negativity.

Some Things that generate or can cause Negative Energy

Your own Negative Thoughts and words

Pessimism can be very damaging to a personís life. On a physical level, constant pessimism can lead to low self esteem and negative subconcious programming. If you are constantly looking at things in a negative way, you could develop a self defeating "I can't" type of personality.

Pessimism can also be damaging on a magickal/spiritual level. Thoughts are more powerful than most people realize. This is because thoughts generate energy. Enough concentrated negative thought can cause negative things to happen. That is why it is so important to be optimistic. If it looks as if something negative is going to happen, instead of dwelling on it, take measures to prevent it. Regarding magical practices, you must believe that you have the ability to manifest what you need. Otherwise, your negative thoughts can cancel out your efforts.


Illness can generate negative energy. It is best to banish negative energy from your surroundings after any illness.

Negative Thoughts of others

An unbalanced person that constantly thinks negative thoughts about you or wishes you ill can cause you problems. This is especially a problem with jealous people. I have had these problems myself with certain relatives. I noticed that every time I got around certain members of my family, I would feel bad, have bad luck and often become ill. At first I thought it was just my imagination, so I started keeping a journal and noticed the same things consistently happening everytime I got around certain people. These people by their words always had something negative to say to me. They would constantly criticize me or tell me why I could not do a particular thing I had planned to do etc. Anything that good that happened to me, they would belittle or almost seem to get angry over it. Discontinuing contact with these people solved my problems, so you may want to consider this if the problem is bad enough. If this isnít an option, try carrying a piece of hematite to absorb the negativity when ever you must be around these people or speak to them. Be sure to clean it periodically to remove any negativity it may have absorbed

Also keep in mind that YOUR negative thoughts towards others will be returned to you, same as anything else you do.

A Banishing for Negative Energy

For this ritual, you will need: 2 Incense burners, banishing incense or dried banishing herbs(list at bottom of page) Chalice of water, rain water if possible, but any water will do, White candle, banishing oil, Salt, protection and blessing incense. small table or portable altar. Protection oil.

It is best if everything is consecrated before this ritual, but it is not absolutely necessary. This ritual can be done anytime but the best time is at the new moon. You do not need to cast a circle for this.

Open all windows and doors if possible. Set everything up on a small table or altar near the outside door used most frequently. You will be beginning at one side of the door, go completely around every room in the house to end up at the same place. Light the banishing incense. Begin at the door and carry it around the house counterclockwise through every room in the house. make sure a little of the smoke drifts into closets cabinets etc. Visualize the negativity being chased away by the smoke. When you have gone completely around the house 1 time, put the incense back on the table. make sure There is enough to burn for at least fifteen minutes longer.

Dress the candle with the banishing oil to send negative energy away from you. Light it as you would in any candle spell, then carry it around the house taking same path you took with the incense. Set it on the table or altar.

Next get the water. Ask the gods/ divinity to bless it. Sprinkle it lightly in the same path you took with the candle and incense. Also dab it on the sides of each door, window, and corner. when you are finished, set it back on the table.

Carry the salt through the same path as you did with the others, sprinkling it in each corner, closet, and on each windowsill. Replace it on the /altar/ table.

Light the Blessing/Protection incense. Carry it clockwise house concentration on protection and blessings replacing the negativity you sent away. Replace it on the altar/table. keep it burning for at least 1 hour.

Go through the house clockwise with the protection oil. It is best to use an olive oil based oil for this so as not to damage surfaces. Trace a pentacle above every door and window with the oil. You can repeat this once a month if necessary.

You can use any banishing and Blessing/Protection incenses you want these are just a couple of examples.

Incenses For Banishing
Dragons Blood, Basil, or Cedar
Blessings and Protection incenses
Sandalwood, or Jasmine

As long as I am on this subject.....In my opinion the best Banishing incense is Red Pepper. You cannot use it for this particular banishing because you usually have to open all your windows and leave the house.(and get your pets out!) Because the smoke will burn your eyes, and breathing it is like breathing fire(literally!) Unless you have major problems, there are better alternatives.