Before Applying for ANY of these awards, read all the rules and guidelines.

Rules for all awards

Sign the guestbook before you apply
ABSOULTELY NO breeders may apply for these awards. It's not that I have anything personal against breeders, it's just that I have no way of knowing if they are ethical over the internet, so I would rather not promote any breeders sites. Your understanding is appreciated.
No sites that contain animal abuse, slander, hate material, or religious intolerance may apply.
The site must be more than a bunch of links.
No sites that promote declawing or keeping pets outside may apply.
Please make sure your links are working and your page is neat. A few spelling and grammar mistakes are understandable, but if it gobbledegook, fix it before you apply.
If you get the award you apply for, you must agree to link it back. If I send someone an award, it is because I took the time to look over their site and thought they deserved it. In return, I expect that the award be linked back so others can apply.


This award is for any pet that has been adopted from a shelter, it does not have to be a dog.

This award is for any former stray, it does not have to be a cat.

This award is for any site that contains information on animal rights. It must be intelligent and useful information, not psychotic ranting about what you think ought to be done to animal abusers.

This award is for any pet that is spayed or neutered, this must be mentioned on your site.

This award is a bit tougher to get than the others. It must be an excellent animal related site with significant content.

This award is for any site that has a beautiful design, it does not have to be animal related, but the above rules still apply.

If you have read all the rules and guidelines, Email me with your URL, and your email address. Don't forget to tell me which award(s) you are applying for.


Award Winners