Contest Schedule:
Each contest will be five days long, beginning at 12 AM EST Monday and Ending at 11 PM EST Friday. Dog and cat contests will be seperate, alternating weeks between dogs and cats.

It is your responsibilty to familiarize yourself with the rules of the contest prior to entering.
1.One Vote Per email address per day and you are allowed to vote from more than one address.
2. No negative comments about any pets that are in the contest, or their owners. This includes, but it is not limited to, accusing others of cheating. By entering this contest, you agree to this rule, without exception. If someone is cheating, I will be able to tell and will handle it.
3. No Harrassment of other pet's owners. If this happens, the abusive person's pet will be removed immediately and I will give the other pet's owner instructions on how to contact the abusive person's ISP and report the harrassment. If this should happen to you, it is important that you not delete the abusive message as I do need some proof, and the ISP usually needs a full copy of the message with all headers intact.
4.You must be polite and respectful in all communications with me. On entering this contest, you agree not to make any negative or slanderous comments about me, my pets, or this contest. By entering this contest, you agree to this without exception. Also be aware that if you do not abide by this, I will contact your ISP.
5. By entering this contest, you acknowledge that any pictures, as well as the text of any emails you send to me, become my property. You guarantee that the picture you send is not copyright, and you assume any responsibilty for any copyright violations.
Because of some recent problems with an obviously uninformed person, I will explain what this means. This means that if you send me a picture as a contest entry, it is mine to use. I have the right to alter it by resizing, cropping, adding frames. I have the right to use it indefinitely on the winners' page. I will not remove a picture once the contest has already started. If you send me a picture that belongs to another person or a picture that is copyrighted to a professional photographer, you are responsible for the copyright violations, and the email you sent entering the photo will be forwarded to whomever necessary. I hope that clears up any confusion about this rule. Most people do not have a problem with this rule, however, if this makes you uncomfortable, don't enter the contest.
6. Habitual Cheating will result in the person's email address being blocked from voting. If someone consistently attempts to vote from the same email address multiple times per day, their email address will be blocked from voting, and NONE of their votes will be counted. Changing the subject line will not work. I do open every vote I get to check the email addresses. Changing your reply to address is unacceptable. You must vote from valid email addresses for your votes to count.

If you do not feel as if you can abide by the rules of this contest, do not enter. if you do not like the rules of this contest, or anything about it, do not enter. This is not a business, and no one has any right to complain. This is a contest done by an individual. I do not profit financially from this contest and I do not have to take abuse in any form. I reserve the right to refuse entries or remove participants at any time, for any reason.

Winners Contest: There will be a first place winners' contest every March and september. We will be giving real prizes for this contest.

How to Enter
You must read and agree to all the above rules BEFORE entering.
This contest is free to enter. To enter, Email me a picture of your pet. Also include the pet's name and a link to your webpage if you have one. Pictures must be in gif, jpg or bmp format, anything else will be discarded. Please be considerate, do not send excessively large file sizes.If it's too large, I willl not even bother opening it. Only dogs and cats will be accepted, unless another contest is posted.


The Prize for this contest is a graphic award that can be displayed on your webpage or printed. The framed picture that is used on the winners page will also be sent to you. Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Additional awards will also be given to every pet that enters the contest, providing that pet has at least 5 votes.
Pets without five votes will not recieve anything, so please make sure you at least vote for your pet yourself each day.
If you expect to win, I suggest you campaign and ask your friends, family and any lists you may be on to vote daily.
It is not required that you link back the contest awards, but it is appreciated, and I will add your link to the winners page if you link it back.
I hope you enjoy participating and I look forward to hearing from you!

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