This is my opinion, it tends to be a very unpopular opinion, but I have logical reasons I feel this way. Paganism is a religion, this is a fact, and magic is a part of the religion. Magick is the direction of natural energies towards a specific purpose. I have noticed that alot of people get very disgruntled when nonpagans wish to use spells. This is a rather ridiculous point of view. If a person has an interest purely in magick, but not paganism, I see nothing wrong with this. In fact, I know quite a few people who started out with just spells and eventually became interested in the religious aspects of paganism at a later time.

I don't at all understand the hostility surrounding this issue. Sometimes I think it has to do with intolerance. Maybe some people think the spells are a part of our religion, and that only we deserve to benefit from them. The fact is, all religions are manmade. I am not saying that divinity is manmade, divinity naturally exists but the many ways we choose to honor it are. manmade. No religion has exclusive rights to the natural energies that exist. If an agnostic or nonreligious person wants to use spells to improve their life, there is nothing wrong with it. These natural energies exist, they are available for all to utilize, regardless of their religious beliefs.

I do think that if a person plans to use magick, they need to research the subject. Playing with magick is not a good idea. It will most likely not work. Or worse, it can have disastrous results if it's not well thought out. If you change one thing, what sort of effect will it have on other events? And how will it affect other people. I believe karma is a natural law and it will affect you regardless of your religion.

Of course, if you practice magic without practicing the religious side of it, you should not call yourself Wiccan or Pagan. "Pagan" refers to religious beliefs, magic is the practice of some of the people that hold those beliefs. Using magic without the religion is OK, but if a person were to call themselves "pagan" they would be misrepresenting themselves. Also, bear in mind, as I said, it seems to infuriate many pagans that nonpagans utilize spells, so be prepared to deal with that. You might want to consider keeping your magickal practices private. When you think about it, there is really no reason to tell others any way, if you are doing it to improve your life, and not just for show.