The beach is one of my favorite places, for both magickal and mundane reasons. It seems no matter what is going on, a trip to the beach just seems to make me feel better. I don't see how other people live without it.

I don't think I've once ever been to the beach without at least performing a minor ritual or offering. It could be that I am very attracted to the types of energies found there, or it could be that the energies there are too strong for me to resist, In any case, here are a few tidbits if you are lucky enough to live near the beach or can visit one:

Meditation: The beach is an excellent place for meditation, provided you stay above the high tide line (in case you fall asleep!), and you can find a reasonably quiet space, the fourth of July crowd, for example, would not be the place to attempt meditation. . The sound of the waves, and depending on what type of meditation you are doing, sometimes the site, are very useful in inducing a meditative state. In addition, people also do tend to relax more at the beach, a critical part of successful meditation.
Purification: The combination of salt and running water (the waves), make the ocean an excellent place for removing negative energies from your aura. It is also useful for cleansing specific objects, such as amulets, provided you can keep a good grip on them so the waves don't wash them away. Sea water is also good for purifying your home.
Elemental Offerings: Offerings to the elements of Water and Air are especially appropriate at the beach. I always carry a pouch of ginger with me for just this reason. If you perform any spells, it is also wise to leave an offering for the spirits of the ocean. This is also a good thing to do if you decide to take anything. For the same reason, it is very important not to pollute the ocean in any way. Do not leave wrappers, cans, bottles or cigarette butts. You want to establish a positive relationship with the deities and spirits of the ocean, so it's important to treat their territory with respect.
Amulets and Talismans: Driftwood, shells, and stones make good amulets. Some things can also be made into ritual tools. I made a set of runes from bits of sea shell. I also made a wand from driftwood specifically for rituals related to the element of water and sea deities. Choose things that "call" to you. A bottle of sand can be taken and placed near the door of your home for protection. Seaweed is an excellent herb for prosperity. I personally also consider Sand dollars or bits of sand dollar, good for this purpose. Paint a prosperity symbol on it and keep in your purse or wallet. As earlier mentioned, seawater is excellent for purification, so you may want to consider bringing a small bottle along to collect some.
Tides: Tides are utilized in the same manner lunar phases are. tides going out for decreasing magick, low tide being the strong point. tide coming in for increasing magick, high tide being the strongest point.