Many people cannot adopt a shelter pet or foster because they already have as many pets as they can handle or their living situation does not permit it. Volunteering is a great way to help, but many people don’t have the time.

Sponsoring a homeless pet offers another way to help, without actually ever having to bring the animal into your home Most nonprofit no kill shelters have sponsorship programs. Some of them require a one time donation, others are long term, requiring monthly donations until the pet gets a forever home. Some shelters also offer an option to sponsor an unadoptable dog or cat, a pet that cannot be adopted because of behavioral problems or other issues. Sponsorship donations help pay for things like food, toys, collars, cages, and medical supplies. It is very inexpensive, and as long as you are dealing with a nonprofit shelter, it is usually a tax deductible donation.

Most shelters will allow to choose the pet you sponsor. Some shelters will also allow you to send specific items like toys or treats to the pet you sponsor. Most will allow you to add a sentiment to the sponsorship, in memory of a pet that has died, for example. Some will also send you a picture of the pet, and let you know when your sponsor pet gets a forever home.

If you cannot adopt or foster, please consider sponsoring a shelter pet. The more pets that are sponsored, the more pets the shelters can afford to rescue from “kill” shelters. Check the yellow pages for no kill shelters in your area that offer sponsorship programs. If you can't find a shelter in your area, see the links below.

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