Some spells work perfectly and others donít seem to work at all. At times, it can be very frustrating when we donít get the results we want or need. There are some things you can do to increase the chances of a successful working.

The first thing you must do is think positive. Realize that as long as you arenít harming anyone else, or taking something that isnít yours, then you deserve the things you want and need. Some people have been programmed by other religions to believe that suffering is good for the soul and it is wrong and selfish to do things for yourself. If one expects to achieve any degree of success magickally, these ideas need to be discarded.
Physical well-being is important. Spellwork can be hindered by illness or fatigue, the same way your everyday activities can be
I think itís best to practice regularly. Certain skills necessary for spells, such as visualization and concentration, work best if exercised on a regular basis. Also, the more you practice, the better you become at recognizing what works for you and what doesnít, and what works best for particular types of situations.
Use the appropriate astrological, and lunar correspondences if possible This means, the correct moon phase, moon sign, planetary hour, etc. Everything does not always have to correspond perfectly, but it does help.
Clean and Consecrate all ritual items. Some people say this should be done once a month. I personally think it is best done on both the new moon and the full moon. Donít allow other people to handle your ritual items and donít use them for everyday things. If someone does handle your ritual items, cleanse and consecrate them before using them again.
Donít talk about your spells! There is absolutely no reason to talk about your spells and talking about them opens them to the negative thought of others.
Do it, then forget about it. Thinking about it too much might encourage doubt and negativity about the success of the working. Also dispose of everything leftover from a working, (candle wax, ashes, cords, etc.)unless you plan to carry it with you as a part of the spells. You can dispose of it by using the element corresponding to what you need: burn bury, cast in water, etc. or if you have no other options, you can dispose of it in the trash.