This is my new sister Tasha. I say "new" but we've known her for along time. She used to belong to a man that lived near us. He was horrible to her. He used to pick her up by her tail and throw her against the wall. Then one day he left. The lady that lived in the house kept her for awhile and then decided she didn't want her. So, she put her out and didn't feed her. My mommy and Daddy tried to help her, but she was so scared of people after all she'd been through that she ran from them. So, they started leaving food out for her. For the longest time, she would run if they so much as opened the door to go outside. Then one day my Mommy was upstairs and my Daddy called her. She came downstairs to find Daddy on the patio with Tasha in his arms.

She's a part of our family now. I don't much like her, but Lestat does. She is funny, she likes to roll on her back and show everyone her big fat tummy. She likes the human kids even and she always comes when called. She learned pretty fast to look down her nose at the d*gs. I'm used to being the center of my Daddy's attention, but I guess I will have to get used to her.

More about Tasha
Age: about 4
Weight: FAT!
Stuff she likes: She likes to be petted and she likes lots of attention. She also likes food. She will eat absolutely anything. Everynight she sits by my daddy and shares his dinner.
Stuff she doesn't like: She doesn't like humans she doesn't know
Where she got her name: According to her first (mean) owner, a bird got in the house when she was just a kitten. She jumped all the way to the ceiling to try to get ahold of it, so he named her Natasha after the mean lady on Bullwinkle. We just call her Tasha for short.

Pictures of Tasha
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