We will be having a Valentine Card contest. There will voting and awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Additional awards will be given for the cutest card, the prettiest card, most original, and more.

Rules and How to enter

1. The card must be pet related. All types of pets are welcome for the card contest
2. The card must have been designed by the person submitting it. It cannot be copyrighted to another person.
3. Cards can not be larger than 300x300 pixels. Smaller cards are okay. Please keep file sizes under 100 KB
4. Voting will be done the same as for the pet contest, one vote per email address per day and you can vote from all your emails.
5. The same rules for the pet contest apply. No negative comments about anyone else, public or private, no harrassment of anyone else, and I reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime for any reason.

To enter, please email your graphic to erikaandmadelynne@yahoo.com Include your name, email address, and site name and URL if you have one. Voting will be February 5-9, and I will send reminders the day the contest begins.

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